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NAHB International Builders Show Custom Booth Design & Rental 2024 | Las Vegas IBS 2024

Designing Your NAHB Booth for International Builders Show for IBS 2024 Las Vegas

Designing an engaging and visually appealing booth for the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) is a strategic move to make your brand shine amidst the competition. Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or a first-timer.


Welcome to the exciting world of trade shows, where the stage is set for businesses to shine and connect with their target audience. In this article, we will explore how to stand out at KBIS 2024, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, with custom booth designs and rentals.

Brief Background: The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show (IBS) is a renowned event in the home building and remodeling industry. Each year, it gathers professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers to showcase the latest trends, innovations, and products in the field. It’s an incredible platform for networking and business opportunities.

Overview of IBS 2024: The IBS 2024 is set to be a significant event, as always. This trade show is expected to draw a diverse crowd of industry experts, builders, remodelers, architects, designers, and suppliers, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. It’s the perfect venue for anyone in the residential construction industry to make their mark.

Booth Design and Rental Considerations: One of the most critical aspects of your success at IBS 2024 is your booth design. A well-thought-out booth can attract attention, engage visitors, and leave a memorable impression. Whether you’re considering custom booth designs or rentals, this article will guide you through the process, providing insights to help you make an informed decision.

What to Expect: Throughout this article, we will delve into the key factors that can make your booth stand out at IBS 2024. From understanding your objectives to designing a booth that aligns with your brand identity and creating immersive experiences, we’ve got you covered. We will also discuss how to prepare your booth staff for the big event and provide tips for success.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be well-prepared to create a booth that not only reflects your brand but also captivates attendees, making your presence at KBIS 2024 a resounding success. Let’s dive in!

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Guidance to Create a Booth that Stands Out for the International Builders Show or IBS 2024 in Las Vegas.

1. Understand Your Objectives:

  • Before diving into the design process, define your goals. What do you want to achieve at NAHB? Is it lead generation, brand awareness, product launches, or something else? Having clear objectives will shape your booth design.

2. Reflect Your Brand:

  • Your booth design should be an extension of your brand identity. Use your company’s colors, fonts, and imagery to create a cohesive and recognizable presence.

3. Choose Your Booth Type:

  • Decide whether you want a custom purchase booth for long-term use or a custom rental booth for flexibility. Both options have their advantages, so pick the one that suits your strategy.

4. Showcase Your Products:

  • Ensure your booth allows for effective product displays. Consider shelving, interactive displays, and product demos to capture visitors’ attention.

5. Create Immersive Experiences:

  • Make your booth interactive with touchscreens, virtual reality experiences, or engaging activities. Create memorable moments that resonate with attendees.

6. Prioritize Open Layouts:

  • Open booth layouts encourage attendees to step inside. Avoid clutter, and create a welcoming space that invites exploration.

7. Utilize Strategic Signage:

  • Well-placed signage can help visitors navigate your booth and understand your offerings quickly. Catchy slogans and clear messaging are key.

8. Lighting and Textures:

  • Lighting can set the mood and create focal points within your booth. Textures and finishes on walls and displays can add depth and intrigue.

9. Think About Traffic Flow:

  • Design your booth to accommodate the natural flow of attendees. Ensure that there’s a clear path for visitors to enter, engage, and exit.

10. Green Initiatives:

  • Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Incorporate eco-friendly materials and practices into your booth design to show your commitment to environmental responsibility.

11. Engage the Senses:

  • Consider how your booth appeals to the senses. Can attendees touch, see, or even smell your products? Engaging multiple senses can leave a lasting impression.

12. Professional Assistance:

  • Working with a professional booth designer can take your booth to the next level. Their expertise can help you make the most of the available space and resources.

Remember, your booth is not just a physical space; it’s an experience. A well-designed booth can help you achieve your goals and leave a lasting impression on attendees. If you’re looking for a partner to assist you in designing your NAHB booth, contact Prime Exhibits. We have the experience and resources to make your booth a showstopper at NAHB IBS 2024. Together, we can create an award-worthy exhibit for your brand.

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Key Dates and Details

To make the most of your experience at the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) 2024, you need to be well-informed about the key dates and essential details. Here’s everything you need to know:

Event Dates:
Mark your calendars for February 27-29, 2024. These three days are when the doors of IBS 2024 will open to attendees, making it a crucial period for your participation.

Expected Attendance:
IBS consistently draws a massive crowd of industry professionals, and IBS 2024 is no exception. With thousands of attendees and exhibitors converging in one place, the opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and business growth are immense.

Co-located with KBIS:
One exciting aspect of IBS 2024 is that it’s co-located with the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). This strategic pairing creates an even more dynamic and diverse environment, attracting professionals from various segments of the industry. You’ll be part of a vibrant atmosphere where new ideas and innovations flourish.

Registration Opening and Early Booking Discounts:
Be sure to keep an eye out for the opening of event registration. Securing your participation early not only guarantees your spot but often comes with attractive early booking discounts. This is a great way to save on your booth or rental costs, leaving you with more resources to make your booth truly exceptional.

Having these key dates and details in mind will give you a head start in your preparation for IBS 2024. So, mark your calendar, plan your participation, and stay tuned for registration to open. We’re excited to see you there!

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Designing Your NAHB Booth

Your booth at the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) 2024 is your canvas for creativity and innovation. Designing it effectively can set you apart from the crowd and make a lasting impression on attendees. Whether you opt for custom booth designs or rentals, here are the key considerations that will guide you in creating an exceptional booth:

Visibility, Traffic Flow, Sight Lines

  • Strategic Layout: Start by choosing a layout that optimizes visibility. A well-planned booth layout can guide the flow of traffic and ensure that attendees can easily spot your booth from a distance.
  • Island or Linear: Decide if an island booth, which is open on all four sides, suits your objectives, or if a linear booth with exposure on one side aligns better with your vision.
  • Height and Signage: Utilize vertical space for signs and banners to increase visibility from across the exhibition floor.

Brand Messaging and Product Displays

  • Consistent Branding: Ensure your booth aligns with your brand identity through color schemes, fonts, and imagery that match your established brand guidelines.
  • Product Placement: Strategically position your products or services to draw attention. Use lighting and product displays to create focal points.

Interactivity and Engagement Elements

  • Technology Integration: Incorporate technology like digital displays, interactive kiosks, or touch screens to engage attendees and showcase your products or services.
  • Interactive Experiences: Consider hosting engaging activities, product demos, or games that keep visitors on your booth longer.
  • Networking Spaces: Create dedicated areas for meetings and discussions to make attendees feel comfortable.

Lighting, Textures, Finishes

  • Lighting Choices: Proper lighting can set the mood and emphasize key areas of your booth. Consider various lighting techniques to create a welcoming ambiance.
  • Textures and Finishes: Select materials, textures, and finishes that not only look appealing but also tie into your brand and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Elements

  • Eco-Friendly Design: The building and construction industry increasingly values sustainability. Highlight eco-friendly materials and practices in your booth’s design to appeal to environmentally-conscious attendees.

In the world of custom booth design and rentals, Prime Exhibits is your trusted partner. With a deep understanding of the industry, our team will work closely with you to design a booth that captures your brand essence and caters to your specific goals.

Remember, your booth design at IBS 2024 should not just be a structure; it should be an immersive experience that tells your brand’s story and draws in attendees. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary look or a traditional feel, meticulous design planning ensures your booth stands out and makes an impact at the event. With the right design, you can create a booth that truly reflects your brand’s excellence and captivates visitors.

Captivating Booth Design Principles

Designing a captivating booth for KBIS 2024 is more than just arranging walls and furniture—it’s about creating an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impact on attendees. To achieve this, consider the following booth design principles:

Importance of Visual Impact and Clear Branding

  • First Impressions Matter: Your booth’s visual impact should be immediate and strong. It’s often the first impression attendees have of your brand. Ensure it’s a positive one.
  • Clear Branding: Your booth should unmistakably represent your brand. The design, colors, and graphics should be aligned with your brand identity, making it instantly recognizable.

Utilizing Color, Lights, Graphics, and Materials Effectively

  • Color Psychology: The choice of colors can have a profound impact on how attendees perceive your booth. Use colors that evoke the right emotions and align with your brand.
  • Lighting Techniques: Proper lighting can create an inviting atmosphere and draw attention to key areas. Experiment with different lighting techniques to enhance your booth’s visual appeal.
  • Graphics and Imagery: High-quality graphics and imagery that reflect your products or services are essential. They should be visually striking and convey your brand’s story.
  • Materials Matter: The materials you choose for your booth’s structure and finishes can greatly affect its overall look and feel. High-quality, durable materials can leave a positive impression.

Drawing Attention and Conveying Key Messages

  • Focal Points: Create focal points within your booth, such as product displays or interactive elements. These will draw attendees’ attention and give them a reason to explore further.
  • Key Messages: Your booth should communicate your key messages clearly and concisely. Make sure that attendees leave with a good understanding of your brand and offerings.

Interactive Elements and Engagements

  • Interactive Experiences: Incorporate interactive elements, like touchscreens, virtual reality, or product demonstrations, to keep attendees engaged.
  • Engaging Staff: Well-trained and engaging booth staff are essential. They should be ready to answer questions, provide information, and interact with attendees.

Prime Exhibits understands the importance of these principles and can help you apply them to your booth design. Our expert team specializes in crafting captivating booth designs that make your brand stand out at KBIS 2024. From concept to execution, we ensure that your booth leaves a memorable impression on attendees and effectively conveys your brand’s message.

Layout Considerations

When designing your booth for KBIS 2024, meticulous planning of the layout is essential to create an inviting and functional space. Your booth’s layout plays a crucial role in attracting attendees, showcasing your products or services, and achieving your goals. Here are some key considerations:

Floor Plan, Open/Closed Sides, Placement

  • Effective Floor Plan: Start by choosing the right floor plan for your booth. Consider the booth’s size and shape, as well as its location on the show floor. These factors will impact your layout options.
  • Open vs. Closed Sides: Decide whether you want an open or closed booth design. Open sides encourage traffic flow, while closed sides provide privacy. Your choice should align with your goals.
  • Strategic Placement: The placement of your booth within the exhibition hall can significantly affect foot traffic. Position your booth in high-traffic areas for maximum visibility.

Interactivity, Product Displays, Meeting Areas

  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive elements that engage attendees, such as touchscreens, VR experiences, or product demonstrations.
  • Product Displays: Create eye-catching displays that highlight your products or services. Showcase them prominently to draw attendees in.
  • Meeting Areas: Designate comfortable meeting areas for engaging with potential clients, partners, or attendees interested in learning more about your offerings.

Efficient Use of Space for Intended Goals

  • Multi-Purpose Zones: Ensure that your booth has multiple zones that serve different purposes. For instance, have areas for product displays, interactive demos, and meeting spaces.
  • Traffic Flow: Plan for a logical flow of traffic within your booth. Make it easy for attendees to navigate, interact, and access information.
  • Maximize Space: Make the most of the available space by avoiding clutter and ensuring each area has a clear purpose.

The layout of your booth should be a well-thought-out design that not only showcases your brand but also guides attendees through a meaningful and engaging journey. Prime Exhibits specializes in creating booth layouts that effectively convey your brand’s message and captivate your target audience. We understand the importance of optimizing your booth’s layout to achieve your specific goals at KBIS 2024.

Custom vs Rental

When it comes to exhibiting at KBIS 2024, one of the fundamental decisions you’ll need to make is whether to opt for a custom booth or a rental booth. Each choice has its own set of advantages and considerations:

Pros and Cons of Customized New Booths

  • Brand Consistency: Custom booths offer the advantage of creating a unique, branded space that perfectly aligns with your company’s image and messaging.
  • Full Customization: With a custom booth, you have complete freedom to design a booth that caters specifically to your products, services, and goals.
  • Long-term Investment: Custom booths are ideal for exhibitors who plan to participate in multiple shows, as they can be designed for reuse with minor modifications.


  • Higher Initial Cost: Creating a custom booth involves a higher initial investment compared to renting.
  • Time-Intensive: The design and construction of a custom booth can be time-consuming.

Benefits of Rental Booths – Cost, Convenience

  • Cost-Effective: Rental booths can be a budget-friendly option, particularly for first-time exhibitors or those with limited budgets.
  • Convenience: Rental booths are pre-built and ready to use, eliminating the need for design and construction, saving you time and effort.
  • Flexibility: Rental booths provide flexibility and adaptability, as you can choose different designs for various shows.


  • Limited Customization: While rental booths can be personalized with your branding, they may not offer the same level of customization as a custom booth.

Modular Systems for Optimal Reconfiguration

  • Adaptability: Modular systems offer the best of both worlds. These systems allow you to create a customized look while retaining the flexibility of rental booths.
  • Reuse Potential: Modular systems are designed for reconfiguration, so you can adapt your booth for different shows without significant additional costs.

Ultimately, the choice between a custom booth and a rental booth will depend on your specific goals, budget, and the resources you have available. At Prime Exhibits, we offer both custom booth design and booth rental options, ensuring that you can make the choice that best suits your needs for KBIS 2024. We will work closely with you to create an exhibition space that helps you stand out and achieve your objectives.

Budgeting For Success

Creating a successful booth for KBIS 2024 means not only having a standout design but also managing your budget effectively. Here are some key budgeting considerations to ensure that you maximize your return on investment:

Typical Price Ranges for Small, Medium, Large Builds

  • Small Booths: Small booths typically range from 10×10 to 10×20 feet and may cost between $5,000 to $15,000. These booths are great for startups and companies with a limited budget.
  • Medium Booths: Medium-sized booths, ranging from 20×20 to 30×30 feet, may have a price range of $15,000 to $40,000. These booths offer more space for creative designs and product displays.
  • Large Booths: Large booths, often starting at 40×40 feet and above, can range from $40,000 to over $100,000. These booths are suitable for established brands looking to make a big impact.

AV Equipment, Electricity, Furnishings, Labor Costs

  • AV Equipment: Incorporating audiovisual elements, such as screens and interactive displays, can add to your costs. Be sure to budget for any necessary AV equipment and services.
  • Electricity: Exhibiting at trade shows often involves additional costs for electricity. It’s essential to account for electrical needs when planning your budget.
  • Furnishings: Furniture, seating, and additional booth furnishings are essential for creating a welcoming and functional booth. Allocate a portion of your budget for these items.
  • Labor Costs: Labor costs for booth setup, teardown, and on-site staff are crucial to consider. Ensure that you plan for labor expenses in your budget.

Getting the Most Value Within Your Budget

To get the most value within your budget, consider the following strategies:

  • Prioritize Your Goals: Determine your primary goals for the event. Whether it’s product launches, lead generation, or brand visibility, focusing on your objectives will help allocate resources effectively.
  • Work with Professionals: Partner with an experienced booth design and rental company like Prime Exhibits. They can help you make the most of your budget while ensuring a standout booth.
  • Explore Rental Options: Rental booths offer a cost-effective way to have a customized, high-impact booth without the long-term commitment of ownership.
  • Utilize Existing Assets: If you have existing booth assets, consider how you can incorporate them into your design to save on costs.

By carefully considering these budgeting factors and working with experts, you can make the most of your resources and ensure a successful and memorable presence at KBIS 2024.

Exhibit Hall Features and Events

KBIS 2024 is more than just an ordinary trade show; it’s an immersive experience with a wide array of exhibit hall features and events that will enhance your visit and help you stay ahead in the industry. Here’s what you can expect:

Key Exhibit Hall Features

  • Innovation District: Explore the Innovation District to witness groundbreaking products, technologies, and materials. This is the place to discover the latest trends and innovations in the kitchen and bath industry.
  • Design & Construction Week: KBIS is part of Design & Construction Week, co-located with the International Builders’ Show (IBS). This means you’ll have access to an even broader range of products and services for the entire building industry.
  • The Backyard: A hub for networking and relaxation, The Backyard provides an excellent opportunity to connect with industry peers and unwind. Take advantage of this space for casual meetings and discussions.
  • Boulevard: The Boulevard is a showcase of artisanal, small-batch, and international products. If you’re interested in unique and handcrafted items, this is the place to be.

Exciting Events

  • Educational Sessions: KBIS offers a range of educational sessions, including workshops, panel discussions, and seminars, providing insights into industry trends, best practices, and the latest design innovations.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and peers during networking events. It’s a perfect opportunity to forge valuable relationships, exchange ideas, and create business connections.
  • KBISNeXT Stage: KBISNeXT is where you’ll find presentations, debates, and discussions on emerging industry trends. It’s an excellent source of inspiration and knowledge for staying updated in the field.
  • Best of KBIS Awards: Witness the Best of KBIS Awards ceremony, where the most innovative and outstanding products are recognized for their excellence in design, technology, and functionality.
  • Design Bites: A series of quick presentations where exhibitors showcase their latest products and innovations in just three minutes. It’s a fast-paced and informative event.

Product Showcases

  • KBIS Edit: The KBIS Edit features hand-selected, design-forward products. It’s your chance to find products that can add that extra flair to your kitchen and bath projects.
  • Lightovation: Discover the latest lighting designs, trends, and innovations. Lighting plays a crucial role in both kitchen and bath spaces, and this is the place to find the perfect fixtures.
  • Bath Boutique: Explore a curated collection of bath products and accessories, offering you an in-depth look at the latest trends in the world of baths.

With so many exhibit hall features and events, KBIS 2024 is a comprehensive experience that provides a perfect platform for networking, learning, and staying updated on the latest industry trends and innovations. It’s a must-attend event for anyone in the kitchen and bath industry.

Exhibit Floor Highlights

When you step onto the exhibit floor at KBIS 2024, you’ll find a treasure trove of inspiration, innovation, and industry-leading products. Here’s a glimpse of the highlights you can expect:

Industry-Centric Segmentation

  • Kitchen & Bath Industry Categories: The exhibit floor is thoughtfully segmented, making it easy for you to navigate and explore products and services that specifically cater to your area of expertise. Whether you’re focused on kitchens, baths, or both, you’ll find a dedicated section for you.
  • Smart Home Technology: As smart home technology continues to shape the kitchen and bath industry, this segment features the latest in intelligent appliances, automation, and innovative solutions to transform your living spaces.
  • Outdoor Living: If you’re interested in outdoor living spaces and products, this section will have you covered with an array of designs and ideas to create beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens and baths.

New Products Zone

  • Discover the Latest Innovations: The New Products Zone is where you can get a first look at cutting-edge products, fresh designs, and revolutionary ideas. Be among the first to witness the future of kitchen and bath solutions.
  • Connect with Innovators: Meet with the minds behind these groundbreaking products, ask questions, and gain insights into the trends and innovations shaping the industry.

Outdoor Exhibits and Living Displays

  • Alfresco Living: Explore a unique outdoor experience with living displays that showcase the beauty and functionality of outdoor kitchen and bath designs. From innovative grills to stylish outdoor furniture, this section offers a wealth of ideas.
  • Interactive Displays: Some exhibits feature hands-on experiences, allowing you to see, touch, and test the latest outdoor appliances, fixtures, and materials.

KBIS 2024 isn’t just a trade show; it’s an immersive journey through the world of kitchen and bath design and innovation. The exhibit floor highlights are designed to provide you with a rich, informative, and inspiring experience that can help you stay at the forefront of the industry.

Networking Opportunities

At KBIS 2024, the opportunities to network are as abundant as the innovative designs on display. Connecting with like-minded professionals, industry leaders, and potential clients is not only encouraged but integral to your success. Here’s how you can make the most of the networking opportunities:

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

  • Kick-Start the Event: The opening ceremony sets the tone for the entire show. It’s an ideal place to meet fellow attendees and get a sense of the event’s scale.
  • Wrap it Up in Style: The closing ceremony is your chance to reflect on your experiences, share insights, and say goodbye to new connections. It’s a great way to end the event on a high note.

Planned Social Events and Parties

  • Casual and Formal Gatherings: KBIS 2024 is not all business. Various social events and parties provide the perfect settings to relax, socialize, and build meaningful relationships with industry peers.
  • Exchange Ideas: Engage in meaningful conversations about the industry while enjoying the ambiance of these well-organized gatherings.

Access to Home Building Professionals and Leaders

  • Meet the Movers and Shakers: KBIS attracts professionals and leaders from all corners of the home building and design industry. Attendees include architects, designers, contractors, and manufacturers.
  • Influential Contacts: These interactions are invaluable for expanding your network and opening doors to new opportunities.

Making Valuable Connections Throughout the Show

  • In-Booth Meetings: With your booth or as an attendee, every moment is an opportunity to strike up a conversation. Many valuable connections are made during seemingly casual interactions.
  • Breakout Sessions: Engage with speakers, panelists, and fellow attendees in breakout sessions and workshops. Exchange ideas, ask questions, and gain insights.

Networking at KBIS 2024 is about more than just expanding your contact list. It’s about learning from others, finding collaborative opportunities, and staying at the forefront of industry trends. Take advantage of these opportunities, and you’ll walk away with more than just business cards—you’ll leave with a broader perspective and a network of valuable contacts.

Educational Offerings

When you attend KBIS 2024, you’re not just investing in your booth; you’re investing in knowledge and growth. With over 100 educational sessions and workshops on the agenda, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities to expand your understanding and expertise. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Diverse Topics: The educational sessions cover a wide array of topics, from the latest design trends to sustainable building practices. Regardless of your niche, you’ll find sessions tailored to your interests.
  • Expert Insight: Learn from industry experts who are at the forefront of their respective fields. Gain knowledge from their experiences and benefit from their insights.
  • Business Growth: These educational offerings are not just about enhancing your skill set; they’re also geared toward improving your business. You’ll leave with actionable strategies to help your company thrive.

With so many sessions to choose from, you can curate your learning experience to address your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to refine your design skills, stay up to date with industry trends, or discover the latest technologies, KBIS 2024 offers a comprehensive educational program that is sure to leave you inspired and equipped for future success.


You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! Here are some common questions about KBIS 2024 to ensure you have all the information you need for a successful experience:

  • Q: What is KBIS?
    • A: KBIS stands for the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. It’s the largest trade show dedicated to all things kitchen and bath, bringing together industry professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • Q: When and where is KBIS 2024 taking place?
    • A: KBIS 2024 will be held from February 27 to 29, 2024, in vibrant Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Q: What is the expected attendance at KBIS 2024?
    • A: KBIS typically draws a significant crowd, with thousands of attendees and exhibitors. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with professionals in your industry.
  • Q: What is Design & Construction Week?
    • A: Design & Construction Week is a mega-event that co-locates KBIS with the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS). It’s a unique occasion that brings together various sectors of the homebuilding and design industries, making it a must-attend event for professionals.
  • Q: When can I register for KBIS 2024?
    • A: Registration typically opens several months before the event. Keep an eye on the official KBIS website for updates and early booking discounts.
  • Q: What are the options for booth designs at KBIS 2024?
    • A: You have two primary options for your booth: custom purchase booths, which are a long-term investment in brand consistency, and custom rental booths, which offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Q: How can I make the most of my budget for KBIS 2024?
    • A: Consider your booth design, technology, and furnishings. Opt for options that provide the most value within your budget while still achieving your goals.
  • Q: What educational opportunities are available at KBIS 2024?
    • A: KBIS offers over 100 educational sessions and workshops, featuring experts discussing the latest trends and business growth strategies.
  • Q: What are the networking opportunities at KBIS 2024?
    • A: KBIS provides excellent networking opportunities, including opening and closing ceremonies, planned social events, and access to home building professionals and industry leaders.
  • Q: How do I connect with Prime Exhibits for booth design and rentals?
    • A: It’s easy! Contact the experts at Prime Exhibits today at (888) 246-8606 for your free consultation and quote.

We hope these FAQs help you prepare for KBIS 2024 and ensure that you make the most of this fantastic opportunity for your business.


In the world of trade shows and exhibitions, your booth at the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) is your stage. It’s where you’ll engage with industry professionals, showcase your brand, and create lasting impressions. With KBIS 2024 co-located with IBS, the opportunity to shine has never been brighter. As you prepare to stand out at this grand event, here are some key takeaways to ensure your success:

  • Design Matters: Whether you choose a custom purchase booth for brand consistency or a custom rental booth for flexibility, invest in a design that truly represents your brand and values.
  • Networking is Key: Take full advantage of the networking opportunities, from opening ceremonies to social events. Connecting with industry leaders can open doors to growth and collaboration.
  • Knowledge is Power: With over 100 educational sessions, you have a unique chance to stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and techniques in your industry.
  • Prime Exhibits is Your Partner: From design to transportation, installation, and dismantling, Prime Exhibits is here to help you every step of the way. Our expertise ensures that your booth is a showstopper.

As you embark on your journey to KBIS 2024, remember that the success of your booth is our top priority. Your booth is more than just a structure; it’s your brand’s voice, and it deserves to be heard. If you’re ready to create an award-worthy exhibit and leave a lasting impression, contact the experts at Prime Exhibits today at (888) 246-8606 for your free consultation and quote. Your success at KBIS 2024 is our success, and together, we’ll make it extraordinary.

Why Choose Prime Exhibits

When it comes to ensuring your success at KBIS 2024, selecting the right partner is paramount. At Prime Exhibits, we bring over 20 years of expertise to the table in the tradeshow industry, making us the ideal choice for your booth design, rental, and build needs. Here’s why choosing Prime Exhibits is the smartest decision for your exhibit at NAHB’s International Builders’ Show:

About Prime Exhibits

  • Nationwide Reach: Our headquarters are based in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, but our services extend across the entire United States. No matter where you plan to exhibit, we’ve got you covered.
  • Unmatched Resources: With a 70,000 square-foot warehouse, fully-equipped workshop, and extensive storage facilities, we have the infrastructure needed to execute your booth project efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Services: Prime Exhibits is your one-stop-shop for all your tradeshow needs. From full design and production capabilities to graphics production, we handle it all.
  • Dedicated Support: We offer comprehensive services, including project management, installation and dismantle labor, on-site supervision, and even ordering or third-party billing of show site services. We’re here to ensure every detail is handled with the utmost care and expertise.

Experience and Background

  • Collective Expertise: With over 60 years of collective experience among our principals and partners, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to every project we undertake.
  • Experienced Ownership: Our owner has two decades of experience running an efficient exhibit house. This includes designing booths, managing builds, and supervising on-site installations. You’re in expert hands.
  • Client-Centric Approach: At Prime Exhibits, we cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from first-time exhibitors to Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of your booth’s scale, we have the capabilities to meet your needs efficiently.
  • In-House Efficiency: Whether you’re considering small basic rentals or large custom booth designs and builds, we can handle everything in-house, ensuring seamless coordination and quality control.

When you partner with Prime Exhibits, you’re not just choosing a booth vendor; you’re selecting a trusted collaborator dedicated to your success. With our extensive experience, nationwide reach, and comprehensive services, we are committed to making your exhibit at KBIS 2024 a standout success. Get in touch with us today to embark on your journey toward an award-worthy booth. Your success is our top priority.