Detailed Views


  • 20×20 Carpet with 1/2″ pad (other solid floor options available)
  • 20×11.25×3 back wall/closet structure with fabric graphic on front
  • 2ea 1 meter wide kiosk walls with connected curved canopies on left and right sides and graphic panels on front
  • 2ea 2′ counters on inside of kiosk walls (location of counters are adjustable to outside of kiosk wall)
  • 2ea 40″ monitors above 2′ counters (location of monitors are adjustable to outside of kiosk wall)
  • Optional 55″ monitor on back wall
  • Additional graphics available for back and sides of closet and kiosks
  • 4ea arm lights
  • 1ea 4ft counter (with optional graphic and choice of colors)
  • 1ea 36″ round table (black or white)
  • 4ea chairs (black or white)
    Note: other furniture options available.