Whether renting or purchasing, a great design and eye-popping graphics are a must for every exhibit. These services go into every proposal we do. In addition to that, you have to get the exhibit to the show, set it up on show site, take it down, and then ship it back and store it. You need a partner who knows what they’re doing and understands the show requirements and venue idiosyncrasies. That’s where we come in! Our team of experienced professionals is here to handle all aspects of your exhibit booth services.

  • Before the show: design, renderings, graphics, project management, show paperwork and administrative tasks
  • During the show: delivery, installation, and show duty
  • After the show: dismantling, packing, and return freight and storage

Renderings & Design Services

At Prime Exhibits, our graphic designers can make your exhibit design vision a reality. Using the latest 3D modeling programs, we create innovative custom solutions and cost effective in-house production plans for fabrication team to bring the design to life. The result is a unique solution you’ll be proud to display to your customers and competitors alike.

Graphics Services

Our graphics services include a variety of professional large format digital printing and 3D signage products made to order. We have the ability to create any look your company envisions for your tradeshow exhibit display from scratch. We are also able to print from existing company graphic files and make them tradeshow ready.

Prime Exhibits can provide the following graphic services:

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Printing
  • Back Lit Graphics
  • Raised Lettering
  • Vinyl Cut Lettering
  • Dye-sublimated fabrics

Install & Dismantle Services

Here at Prime Exhibits, we offer professional labor to install, dismantle, and pack your tradeshow exhibit. Installation and dismantling services are included with our standard rental booth packages. Our outstanding services can also be ordered separately to install a tradeshow display that your company already owns and stores with us, or one that’s been purchased from us. All of this is done by our knowledgeable, professional, and experienced team. We provide supervision of the installation process to make sure your exhibit is installed the right way and on time. It will be clean and show-ready when you arrive. We also, supervise the dismantling and packing process to keep things organized and prevent damage on the way out of the show.

Shipping & Storage Services

At the end of the show, the last thing you want to do is wait for crates and pack your booth. No problem! That is where we come in. Our team will take down and pack your booth properties so you can get on your way home. We can handle all the shipping and storing for you as well. Rather than ship your crates across the country only to send them back for the next show, let us take care of it for you. We are locally based in Las Vegas, and have a warehouse to meet all your storage needs. Even if your show travels, we can arrange storage either in Las Vegas or another city to minimize the logistics, cost, and hassle of moving your exhibit properties from show to show.

Items we can store for you include:

  • Exhibit Booth
  • Displays
  • Signage